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 Name:    Paul Singh
 Comment:    29-3-2018 @ 22:42 

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Paul Singh |

 Name:    robert
 Comment:    3-3-2018 @ 14:33 

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 Name:    adil khan
 Comment:    9-1-2018 @ 21:30 

looking for acrylic sheet
my number is 8149235256

 Name:    test
 Comment:    6-1-2018 @ 19:44 

teste test

 Name:    Aneel Singh
 Comment:    5-12-2017 @ 17:54 

Please Send Samples along with Pricelist

 Name:    Sushil Singla
 Comment:    5-12-2017 @ 17:15 

We requires multiplayer polycarbonate sheets

 Comment:    28-9-2017 @ 11:19 

i want 12 mm solid polycarbonate clear sheet, what is the price

 Name:    BORSAL
 Comment:    15-8-2017 @ 18:44 

intéresser de faire du business si possible de nous communiquez votre catalogue de photo plus la liste des prix les conditions d'achat,nous sommes basée
en France



 Name:    Madhu Sudan
 Comment:    22-6-2017 @ 19:35 

I want to know if the multiwall polycarbonate sheet is the best option for skylight as I am wondering if it can be damaged from the hailstones or firecrackers

 Name:    Jaymin jinger
 Comment:    17-6-2017 @ 09:56 

My self jaymin jinger from architecture student.

 Name:    Ramazan Recber
 Comment:    26-5-2017 @ 00:47 

My name is Ramazan Recber, I live in Adana Turkey.
I like your website. This website very beautiful...
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 Name:    Aayush Mundhada
 Comment:    9-2-2017 @ 01:48 


We would be requiring 1500 sq.m. Polycarbonate sheets for phase 1 of our project near Bhopal (MP). The sheet shall have uv protective coating and shall have bending warranty. Thank you

Aayush Mundhada

 Comment:    31-1-2017 @ 20:22 

I want ACRALIC SHEET for purpose reshall

 Name:    Sanjeev
 Comment:    24-1-2017 @ 14:26 

90 foot polycarbonate roofing sheet

 Name:    suhail
 Comment:    11-11-2016 @ 15:38 

Team, i am looking for acrylic sheet in my new house bathroom for separation.

please advice best suitable model

 Name:    Sagar R Vadadoriya
 Comment:    3-6-2016 @ 23:03 

I want to be acraylic sheet .. This material use in as sandwich between stone .. 3 mm & 5 mm sheet want to b me

 Name:    Upen Pandya
 Comment:    29-2-2016 @ 21:23 

We require 6mm Double layer, UV stabilized poly carbonate sheet for green house

 Name:    manoj
 Comment:    14-2-2016 @ 18:41 

Lexan make 3 mm thick NON UV clear polycarbonate sheet roll of 8ft by 100 ft 10 Nos of rolls require in Mumbai

 Name:    Sathish
 Comment:    7-9-2015 @ 01:06 

We need a polycarbonate sheet and Ms fabrication service area about 400 sqft location mayiladuthurai. Pls provide the rate per sqft. I need lexan Mr 10 and 10 mm thickness solid sheet

 Name:    kiran jain
 Comment:    30-5-2015 @ 18:16 

good stockist lowst price