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Acrylic Sheet:

Acrylic sheet available from 2mm thick to 50mm & in various colors. We stock a wide variety of acrylic sheet precision cut to size & customize fabrication service available
Prakash acrylic offers a full line of acrylic sheet products that are appropriate for a number of industrial applications, including point-of-purchase displays, sign fabrication, automotive accessories, picture framing and skylight fabrication.

Prakash acrylic full lines of building material products are available directly to consumers through various home improvement centers and hardware stores across the United States and Canada. These sheet products include storm window/door replacements and ceiling lighting panels.

Acrylic offcuts
Common holes can be done by common twist drills, the cutting dip angle of which shall be grinded to 0, the chisel dip (chisel tip angle) shall be 130. Standard high speed twist drill can also be used, but it needs not grinding. Too much heat generated at the drilling heat will easily cause stress cracks. It is suggested that non-chlorides cooling agent (e.g. water) should be used to reduce stress.
A kind of very useful fast processing mode, it uses model railing lather, associated with cutting tools suitable for wooden processing. The speed should be fast. The linear speed of cutting tools shall be 1500m/min and higher. The tools should be sharp. It can be kept dry in processing because the cutting tools can take the scraps away. Double-edge cutting tools are easier installed and used than many-edge cutting tools.

Acrylic mirrors
Acrylic mirror sheet is intended primarily for areas such as interior fittings for decoration, display and point-of-sale, visual merchandising, store designs.

We are the manufacturer of Flexo-Mirror (Plastic Mirrors) and other Decorative panels. Kindly visit our web-site to know more about our products. We feel pleasure to inform you that we have a set-up of state of the art machines to make Plastic Mirrors and Decorative Panels of following types-
1.- FLEXO-MIRROR Flat Plastic Mirrors, Silver & Several Colours, Size:1220x1830x2mm
2.- FANTASY-MIRROR Embossed Plastic Mirrors, Several Designs/Colours,
3.- DECO-MIRROR Colored, 3-D Effect, Several Designs, Size:1220x915x2mm
4.- STAINED-MIRROR Multicolored, Looks as Stained Glass Mirror Work, Size:1220x915x2mm
5.- GALAXY-MIRROR Colored, 3-D Effect, Several Designs, Highly Flexible, Size:1220x610x1mm 6.- FLORAL-PANEL Multicolored, Several Floral Designs, Highly Flexible, Size:1220x610x1mm
7.- RAINBOW-MIRROR Multicolored Rainbow Effect, Highly Flexible, Size:1220x610x1mm

We make plastic mirrors and decorative panels by using clear or colored transparent plastic sheets. Our mirrors and decorative panels are free from the effect of natural atmospheric conditions, viz., moisture, temperature, dust, etc. Our products find wide applications in consumer market and are used for interior decoration, signboards, wall & ceiling decor, building fascia, toys, trucks & buses and having several other usages. You can get plastic mirrors & decorative panels from our various available designs & shades. Kindly visit our web-site to know more details of our products. We are looking forward to your response.

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