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Embossed Sheet:

Polycarbonate embossed and corrugated sheet is our high quality product used widely in various areas of application.


  • Chemical ingredients: according with the rules of DB/T3190
  • Physical property: the physical property testing of basis material under room temperature accords with the rules of GB/T8544-1997
  • Appearance quality: clear grain and tidy without burr
  • No crack, selvedge, canker, hole, which can influence the usage

    Design concept
  1. Use reverse-static tiny embossed patterns in intervals on both sides of the polycarbonate sheet with corrugate,
    designed to enhance the tenacity and anti-static function of the sheet.
  2. The combination of the embossed and smooth surface have a special effect.. The rays through the embossed surface directly when it’s the strongest in the daytime,
    the light transmission is 50%, it makes the sunshine soft. The rays slanted through the smooth surface when it’s weak, the light transmission is 90%. It makes the whole daytime light soft.

Polycarbonate Embossed Sheets

Ideally suitable/ used in: Profiles, Interior, Industrial usage and Weather Shades, Decoratives

Maximum width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
PC Embossed sheet
1.0 to 3.0
Rolls - available in width of 1.220x30mtrs in thickness of 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm

Available Colours:

Clear, Green, Blue, Smoke, Opal White, Silver Grey

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