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PVC Foam Sheet:
  • PVC free foaming plate which has properties of sound insulation, sound absorption and heat insulation.
  • The board is fire-retardant and safe. It can extinguish by itself.
  • All series of products are damp proof, mould proof, waterproof and shockproof.
  • All series of products will not change color for a long time after treated by weatherproof formula.
  • This product is very light, easy for warehousing and transportation.
  • This product uses the general wood processing tool.
  • It can be bored, sawed, nailed, planed and glued like timber.
  • It can be shaped, bent and folded by heating.
  • It can be welded according to the ordinary welding procedure and can also be cemented with other PVC materials.
  • This product has a smooth surface and can be printed (need to clean the surface before printing).

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