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We are a fast growing and Polycarbonate, Acrylics, PVC foam, PS sheets speciality business network that is widely spread in different regions of the globe. The network is well-covered with proper modes of transportation that assist in the safe and timely transit of the products. Our strong networking is one of the major reasons behind our increasing clientele.

Wholesale Trade Enquiries and Dealers: C: Mr. Ashok
M: 98202-75799
Farbricators/ services special sales: C: Mr. Prakash
M: 99996-76399
Want to associate with us?
We are a fast growing dynamic organisation and is expanding nationally - contact concerned persons given on right for more details and processing thereof.
C: Mr. Madan Sethia/ Ashok Singhi
T: +91-22-26760115, 26760186
M: 94441-21234/ 98202-75799
Wish to import PC/ Acrylic/ PVC foam sheets
We assist in full process of Import and make sure you get the best prices and quality of the products. Please contact designated person for more assistance.
C: Mr. Ashok Singhi
T: +91-22-26760115, 26760186
M: 98202-75799

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